AntarView Pro+ for PC Windows (7,8,10) & Mac Download

AntarView Pro+ for PC - AntarView is software that was developed by ZKTeco Technology co.LTD.It is a Video management software and it allows institutions, organizations, and businesses to share information in the form of video chat sessions.

AntarView Pro+ for PC

With AntarView, everyone who conducts an online meeting can have the same opportunity to key into online presentations with audio and screen sharing. The ISIS integration allows the messenger to save data files for later viewing or printing.

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What is AntarView Pro+ App?

AntarView Pro+ is a powerful and user-friendly mobile app that is designed under specialization for ZKTeco 8000 series DVR/NVR/IP cameras.

With intuitive operation and a user-friendly GUI, AntarView Pro+ can support QR code scanning to add devices simply, support local and remote live you and playback for video and images, receiving alarm push notifications for various alarm events.

Main features of AntarView Pro+

AntarView Pro is an application for video management, that runs on Android 4.0/iOS 6.0 and above systems via Wi-Fi implementation on our DVR/NVR/IPC and other equipment of network real-time image preview, remote video playback, PTZ control, real-time control, and local media file management functions.

  • Friendly and intuitive GUI design
  • Quick adding devices by scanning the QR code
AntarView Pro+ for PC

  • ZKTeco private globe  P2P cloud server
  • 1/4/9/16 CH synchronous preview smoothly via 4G / Wi-Fi network
  • Support local and remote image/ video search, playback
  • Two-way audio intercorn
  • Support face registration, upload, black/white group settings
  • Intelligent alarm push notifications to show live view and playback video.

Minimum requirements of AntarView Pro+ App

This is one of the most vital as well as essential information before downloading and installing the application for your PC or laptop.

  • OS - windows 8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
  • GPU - GTX 1050
  • CPU - i3-8300
  • Memory - 8GB RAM
  • Storage - 1 GB available space

Functions of the AntarView Pro App

We have provided the details related to the application's characteristics and functions. These details are provided two enhance and provide in-depth knowledge about the software's capabilities and task performance details. The functions are listed below as follows

AntarView Pro+ for PC

  1. Provides up to 60 channel views
  2. Live Video Streaming on any network speed
  3. Capture snapshots and record videos manually
  4. Provide alarm push notification
  5. Motion and facial recognition
  6. TalkBack capability to communicate
  7. Multiple video conferences on the chat rooms
  8. Interactive screen sharing
  9. Multi-touch gestures
  10. Video conferencing features for Skype and MSN

Note: This app is only available for foreign users out of China, and the devices of domestic users cannot be connected.

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What is the ability to control the camera from PC / Mac?

AntarView enables you to control your DVR or NVR camera from anywhere in the world at any time by using a simple web browser. You can install and run it on Windows, Mac, OSX, Linux, Android, and IOS. With just a few clicks you can start a one-to-one or group video chat.

From here you can make free calls, send a text message and create avatars of your own by writing in the unique chat rooms. This gives you uses an unprecedented level of comfort when communicating with your CCTV system.

How to install Antarview Pro on Windows and Mac?

1. Download and install the latest version of the software from our site

2. After installation you will see the AntarView icon in the start menu or Dock for the operating system you have installed it on, use this to start it if necessary( you may have to restart your machine).

3. Now a shortcut will be made on your desktop (or start menu if you have installed it that way), right click on this icon and select "Run as Administrator".

How to add a new channel to AntarView Pro+?

Note: Models of cameras with 16 channels - 0,1,2,3 etc. Cannot be added through the P2P protocol. They only accept connections via IP address or QR code scan files.

How to download AntarView Pro+ for PC?

Step 1: Download the Bluestacks emulator on your PC.

AntarView Pro+ for PC

Step 2: Click to install the BlueStacks Emulator and set it up.

Step 3: Log in to your Google account and  Open the Google Play Store to search for the AntarView Pro+ app.

Step 4: Once you find the AntarView Pro+ app from the official website of ZKTeco Co Ltd and click to install it.

Step 5: After successful installation of the AntarView Pro+ app and use it well.


AntarView Pro+ is a powerful and friendly app designer to be compatible with all ZKTeco 8000 series Cameras.

The best practice for using this application is that you should always have a good network environment. In addition, if the network environment is bad, you can use the Wi-Fi / LAN cable to connect your camera to the network directly and your connection will be more stable.

If you have any doubts or queries related to this article please contact us through the mail.