GameLoop Emulator for PC Windows (7,8,10) & Mac Download

GameLoop emulator for PC - GameLoop Android Emulator is a new upgraded version of the emulator from Tencent gaming buddy to play Android games on PC.

Gameloop app for PC

The emulator supports smooth play on low-profile computers and it is compatible with numerous games. This emulator is highly optimized for installing games and is free. GameLoop is the official Android Emulator for PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty.

You may ask yourself why can't you use NOX are BlueStacks emulator as they are both rubbest PC emulators? GameLoop was explicitly created for Tencent games. The tool provides a better experience and game optimization.

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What is a GameLoop emulator?

GameLoop is the official Tencent emulator for Windows, to easily play the best Android games on PC.

Among these are games such as PUBG mobile, Free Fire, Call of Duty: Mobile, Apex Legends Mobile, Clash Royale, Pokemon UNITE, Stumble Guys, Lords Mobile, and many more.

GameLoop emulator for PC

GameLoop or  Tencent gaming buddy is completely safe from viruses or malware. Because it is an official emulator for PUBG mobile.

Why GameLoop emulator is so important?

There are numerous emulators that you may think can do the trick. However, the game loop is at another level. Here are some of the reasons why GameLoop is so an important emulator for Android games

  • You don't need your browser to watch live streams. The emulator can effortlessly live-stream for you.
  • Is the fastest Android gaming emulator that can work perfectly on a PC.
  • The emulator leverages the powerful GPU, CPU, under RAM that makes gaming more thrilling than when on a mobile platform.
GameLoop emulator for PC

  • The tool is a new network acceleration feature that enables you to optimize your network connection.
  • The app has a game center where you can download multiple games without the need for mapping settings since Tencent already assigns them
  • GameLoop is safe to download. It is developed by Tencent, which based on Investments is the largest video game company in the world.

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Requirements for the GameLoop emulator 

For most emulators, there is no unique requirement to download an emulator or any other software for that matter. But it is different from others, the requirements to work for GameLoop

  1. Your PC must have a Space that is not less than 2 GB
  2. Your processor should be Intel or AMD. Core i5 and above preferred
  3. The minimum RAM  Size should be 4GB. The higher it is the better fast and more actionable games.
  4. The PC must Profess a screen resolution of 720 and be fully high-definition.

How to download the GameLoop emulator for windows and Mac?

The below steps are used to install the GameLoop emulator for PC

  • Click on this download file
  • On your PC go to the download folder and search for the download file. Double-click on the file and run it on your computer
GameLoop emulator for PC

  • You will be asked to agree with the terms and conditions which you should. Once it has been done you can install the GameLoop on your PC and start playing your favorite games.

How to use the GameLoop emulator

The GameLoop emulator app is very easy. The program interface is simplified and modern. You can navigate at all tabs screen. There are four primary tabs on the left of the app's main screen, including login, My games, Game Center, and  Life. Other tools include access to a friends list, preferences, and more.

GameLoop has broad compatibility with many popular Android games. It supports 2K resolution, with an impressive gaming experience that sets it apart from alternative emulators like BlueStacks. The software requires 1.5 GB of hard drive space that includes PUBG mobile. The software is optimized for Windows 7 8 and 10.


  • Highly optimized Android gaming emulator
  • Renders Android games better than on Mobile
  • It is straightforward to install games with Tencent GameLoop
  • The network is optimized for lag-free gaming
  • 100% free
  • Compatible with popular Android games


  • The software does not provide support for other types of apps
  • Only compatible with gaming apps


GameLoop emulator is perfect for Gamers to play their favorite android games. The best way to play the games on wide a screen with high speed

It provides more comfort and great support. The above article is very helpful to you, if you have any queries related to this please contact us through the mail.