Live Transcribe & Notification App for PC Windows (7,8,10) & Mac Download

Live Transcribe & notification app - The transcribe feature converts speech to your text transcript with each speaker individually separated. After your conversation, interview or meeting you can revisit parts of the recording by playing back the timestamped audio and editing the transcription to make corrections. You can save the full transcript as a word document or insert snippets of it into existing documents.

Live Transcribe & Notification App for PC

People want shortcuts to save the time and energy to surf the internet for long hours. Being conversant with the Play Store, you can save time by installing apps to help you in your tasks. Apps enable a person to quickly access a particular site because once you install it on your gadget, you only need to click on the app icon and work on the site.

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What is Live Transcribe & Notification?

Live Transcribe and sound notifications make everyday conversations and surrounding sounds more accessible among people who are deaf and hard of hearing, using just your android phone or tablet.

The term transcribe means converting speech or audio conversation to text. Information that has been transcribed can be understandable by different types of people. Even the less impaired can also read and get the message.

This live Transcribe app is handy as you can use it as a translating tool on your device. If you are watching/ listening to a conversation and not getting the message right, you can use the live transcribe tool to capture the speech and put it into the text to understand it better.

How to use live transcribe and notification app?

On most devices, you can directly access the Live transcribe & sound notifications with the steps,

1. Open your devices settings app

2. Tap accessibility, then tap Live transcribe or sound notifications, depending on which app you would like to start

3. Use the accessibility button, gesture, or quick settings

Features of the Live transcribe app

When the Live Transcribe app developers came up with the app, they tried to ensure that every app user could access the speech he wanted. Primarily, it is used by people with hearing disabilities. You can find different people using the Live transcribe app.

Let's jump to check some interesting features of the Live transcribe app,

1. Real-time transcription

Get all the transcription in real-time, whether it is a meeting or interview, and transcribe anything without missing anything. When someone speaks, real-time transcription will begin immediately and you will get an instant notification.

Live Transcribe & Notification App for PC

2. Select your languages

Users of the Live transcribe can simply get the option to select over 70 different languages to read the correct captions.

3. Autocorrect captions

The Autocorrect feature of the Live transcribe app ensures that everything is lined up correctly. It also makes sure that every text is accurate. The app automatically corrects all the texts, so you don't have to worry about miss-spelling. Every text is error-free.

4. Transcription history

The live transcribe app will Store all your live transcription history for up to 24 hours. So after 24 hours, history will be automatically deleted.

Technical specifications of Life transcribe

        Name: Live transcribe & Notifications

        Category: Communication

        File size: 9.89MB

        App version: 6.2.490154290

        Developed by: Research at Google

        License type: Free

        Last update:  Dec 2022

        Downloads: 500,000,000+

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How to download live transcribe & notifications for PC Windows?

The best popular Android Emulator gaining a lot of attention in recent times is Memu play. It is super flexible fast and exclusively designed for gaming purposes. Below steps are used to install the Live transcribe & notification app for PC Windows

  • Download and install Memu play on your PC. Here is the download link for your Memu play website
Live Transcribe & Notification App for PC

  • Once the Emulator is installed open the Google play store app icon on the home screen
  • Now search for Live Transcribe & notification app on Google Play Store. Find the official app from Research at Google and click on the install  button
  • After successful installation of the Live transcribe & notification app on the Memu play you can use it.

How to download Live transcribe for Mac?

Mac is slightly different from Windows. Mac is Usually based on the Unix operating system while Windows is not. But what makes Windows so popular and used is that one can customize it to fit usage.

How to install a Live transcribe app can be different in that, Memu which is an emulator for Windows can't work on Mac. It uses a separate emulator to install apps on the PC.

  • First, you need to install the Nox player on your Mac. This is most recommended as it's a powerful emulator for Mac systems.
Live Transcribe & Notification App for PC
  • After installing the Nox app player, create an account.
  • Then search on the bar, Live Transcribe & Notifications app
  • Install the app and enjoy the features available

Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

1. How can I use the Live transcribe app?

The primary use of the Live Transcribe app is to convert speech to text using live captions. This can mainly be used during conversations on the phone, at conferences, or in crowded places.

2. Is the Live transcribe app worth installing?

It is worth installing, especially for internet users with hearing impairment.


The live transcribe application is very helpful to people who are facing hearing issues. It has caption reference which means capturing live conversations or phone calls and viewing them in text form.

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